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Is A Multicultural Non-Denominational Evangelistic Ministry.
Preaching, Teaching and
Impacting the Nations With The Word Of God.

*** OUR BELIEF ***

Join Us for Sunday Services at 10:30 a.m.


2015 Holy Spirit Revival & Harvest

Praying for Revival Trailer from Yellow Dog Productions on Vimeo.

Israel Tour 2016

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Journey Into The Word Founder J.P. Olson in Mission Trips, Concerts & Revivals around the world: France, Africa,
Australia, New Zealand, Haiti, India, Germany, Indonesia and Philippines

From your generous donations and gifts, Journey Into The Word was able to provide toys, clothing and other items to the women and children in the Philippines. Children at the Youth Gospel Mission Orphanage in India received gifts, clothes and toys from Journey Into The Word Mission Ministry. Here are pictures of the children with the items that were sent. They were so incredibly grateful for everything given to them and sent their thanks. I wanted to share these photos with you for the generosity of your gifts so you can be blessed by their joy.

Celebrating life not death! There is no room for Satan here. Many in attendance surrendered their life to Christ at this revival in Haiti.


How God will help you reap your harvest. You sow the seed and God will provide the harvest. Yes, the Lord is interested in your personal finances. God wants you to prosper.


A seed in it's very nature is a tiny beginning with a huge future.


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